Říkají o nás
„After a few attempts at finding the right school we are feeling extremely happy at Scio. It is a great combination of structure, liberal and modern values empowering children and parents to succeed. Every day we are welcomed with a positive and energetic atmosphere, there is a buzz which I felt is missing in most schools we have got to know (and workplaces for that matter!) We have seen significant efforts to make good on the principles of open communication, including children in decision making and allowing just enough structure to make the academics work successfully yet just enough freedom to allow individual our children to thrive when it comes to bringing their own personalities and ideas into the equation. During the school closure due to the pandemic I can only praise the staff in rapidly dealing with the situation and starting online learning. In many ways the skills learnt during this time mirror what future work might look like for many around the world and it is great to see that we have not ‘got behind’ vs the traditional model. Indeed, I would say big steps have been made in all academic areas. There is genuine love and interest shown from all staff to children and it is clear in our own children’s behaviour. We notice the attempts out children make outside the school environment to resolve differences and this has come from the Scio school culture. The school community is a very positive one, a diverse and interesting group of parents and we have never felt excluded from any decision making, initiatives. The fact the children are able to work so efficiently at school means that although we personally choose to continue with academic work outside school (mainly around our children being bilingual), there is no pressure to do so just for the sake of meeting artificial milestones. Having been in a school previously with no academic milestones that were communicated to us, it is in fact a very structured approach from Scio. The fact the class size is small of course helps matters. The class guides are extremely enthusiastic and responsive. I love what I see from the after school staff too, very friendly and always engaged with the children. Given the current uncertainty around possible disruption to all our lives due to the economy and the pandemic we are very thankful to Scio for creating a stable, solid and positive environment for our children and for us. I have struggled to find a non-competitive sports club ‘krouzek’, e.g. running, athletics, ball sports etc. in Olomouc so the only downside I see is less of a focus on organised sports at Scio, to build on team sports for example. I believe other than this Scio provides opportunities to explore some very interesting extra-curricular activities, both internal and externally led.“
Jonathan Brown